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Bonus Program and More Benefits!

Updated July 2020

We want you!

Click to APPLY to GH Engineering today!.

Click here to apply at GH Engineering, Inc. We have a reputation for:
  • quality, well-paid employees;
  • the BEST benefits and BIG BONUS!
  • our energy in finding new candidates;
  • our aggressive rates to the Customer;
  • and our persistence in finding solutions to technical and contract problems.
  • SIGN-ON BONUS of up to $20,000 !

    GH Engineering is aggressively hiring new candidates.
    We now offer a serious sign-on bonus of 15% of your first-year's salary, up to $20,000.

    But wait! There’s more!

    • We offer a spectacular set of benefits, including:
      • 8% GHEng contribution to your 401(k) with no match required by you
      • Free dental vision!
      • Free vision!
      • Four weeks (20 days) of vacation
      • Two Paid Snow Day(s) and Your Birthday as a Paid Holiday
      • Reimburse you for your personal cell-phone and internet connection
      • Monthly company luncheon paid for by GH Engineering
      • ... AND we pay for your time while you're at lunch!
      • We even reimburse you for your out-of-pocket medical expenses such as prescripton drugs, doctor visit co-payments, co-insurance, and eyeware.

    How can we offer this tremendous opportunity?

    We’ve taken the success of a dozen prime contracts and dozens more teaming contracts, thrown in the addition of a recent new subcontract for us, and combined all these contracts with an aggressive streamlining of our processes. This has led to additional available money for benefits and bonuses for our employees while maintaining attractive rates to our customers.

    As a matter of testimony, all of our employees and our candidates have learned they cannot make as much money with other companies as they do with GH Engineering, or that the rate to the end-customer is more when coming from other companies (making the employee less professionally attractive to the customer). They've learned the GH Engineering benefits are superior. We offer you the salary YOU want, better benefits, and a BIG sign-on bonus.

    GHEng Strategy

    We’re reaching out to as many candidates as we can and offering them a deal we hope they can’t refuse - better pay, better benefits, and a BIG $igning bonu$e$ (see above and below for details).


    • We offer more take home pay than your current salary.
    • We have really good benefits, we reimburse you for your out-of-pocket medical expenses such as prescription durgs and doctor visit co-payments AND deductibles, and we offer FREE! dental and vision for you and your family with no deductibles.
    • We offer a HUGE sign-on bonus of up to $20,000.

    Did I say we want you?

    Our business model is a fast path to a BIG SPLASH. Compare our offer to any other you have and you'll see for yourself what a fabulous opportunity is this.

    Apply to GH Engineering as soon as possible (why not today?). We’ll reply to you, get you in here for an interview, and quickly send you an offer letter. We can talk in person or over the phone as needed about any details or questions you have. We will do whatever we possibly can to hire and satisfy you. We want you!