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Holiday / Leave Policy


Happy Birthday!

Each employee gets their birthday off as a paid holiday (as it should be, right!?) If your birthday lands on a weekend or an observed federal holiday, your birthday moves to the closest work day. You may "bank" your birthday and take it later in the contract year if you choose.

Federal Holidays

Each employee is paid for ten government holidays per year, as defined by the basis of our contractual rates. All ten holidays float for GH Engineering employees, that is, at the discretion of the end-customer, the employee may take the holiday on a date other than the actual holiday. For example, an employee may work on Veteran's Day and take off the day after Thanksgiving Day.

(The OPM web site lists ten federal holidays and, depending on the year, it includes additional holidays, such as Inauguration Day, Juneteenth, the day before Christmas, and more. These additional holidays were not included at the time GH Engineering contractual rates were negotiated.) An employee must work at least 8 direct charge hours before and after a holiday in order to be paid for the holiday.

Vacation / Sick Leave

Employees accrue paid leave at the rate of 13.33 hours each month for a total of 160 hours (twenty days) per year. Leave is accrued once the employee works the minimum number of hours required in that month.

The minumum hours is determined based on the number of hours availble to be worked that month relative to the total contract hours (normally 1860) per year. For example, 1860 total annual contract hours divided by twelve months is an average of 155 hours required to work per month. But, since some months are longer than others (August vs. February for example), the number of required hours per month actually varies. For example, in 2014 the January through June required hours are 156, 141 156, 163, 156, and 156 hours respectively.

If the employee doesn't work the required hours in a particular month, the vacation for that month is recorded by GH Engineering as "unearned vacation". Once the employee works those "missing" hours in a succeeding month, the employee will be awarded the corresponding unearned vacation hours. Note: All "unearned vacation" is forfeited at the end of the contract year if the employee did not work the minimum hours required during the contract year.

These vacation hours are used for both vacation leave and sick leave. There is no separate sick policy. GH Engineering may approve an employee to carry up to twenty-four hours of negative vacation balance.

Long vacations should be planned as far in advance as possible in order to give the customer plenty of time to voice any objections. Consideration should always be given to the on-site customer's planning and objectives. The employee should notify the on-site customer as early as possible in the event the employee need to take a day of leave without prior notice.

Employees can take up to twenty-four hours per calendar year as "leave without pay" without prior approval. Any additional amount must be discussed with GH Engineering management in advance and is subject to approval based on the customer's needs and expectations. Leave without pay may be taken only after all accrued vacation hours have been used.

Snow policy or other government shutdown

The GH Engineering policy on government closures covers those employees who cannot, or choose not to, go to work when the government is closed due to snow or other event.

If the government is closed for any reason, the employee may elect to take a "snow day" which allows the employee to get paid for that day as if the employee had worked that day. A maximum of two snow days are awarded to each employee per year, pending on the employee's start date relative to the contract year. Unused snow days are converted to vacation days at the end of the contract year.

It is always the employee's option to use an available snow day, take vacation hours, or work extra hours to meet mission objectives at a later date.

If the employee's job allows the employee to go into work even when the government is closed, the employee may certainly do so and charge the contract by marking your the GH Engineering timesheet appropriately.

It is possible a GH Engineering employee would have a job which would prevent them from being productive when the government is closed, for example a help desk position where there's nobody to help. Most of the time, the employee can find something productive to do, even when the government is closed, therefore can charge the contract. The employee should ask the government supervisor in advance if the employee can come into work and charge hours even when the government is closed.

GH Engineering does not pay its employees for hours when the government cannot be billed.

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Pay Policy

Pay Periods

Pay periods are twice a month. The first period of the month ends on the 15th of the month. The second period ends on the last day of the month

GH Engineering directly deposits pay checks into its employees accounts NLT the 9th and 24th of each month providing a correct time sheet was submitted by the employee on time. GH Engineering emails notification of deposit to the employee separately.


Employee requests for reimbursement by GH Engineering must be accompanied by a copy of the receipt(s) and a general description of the item to be reimbursed (medical care, drugs, cell phone, internet service provider, etc.). Reimbursements are included with the final paycheck of the month.

Reimbursement requests for any benefit year (ending September 30th) must be submitted by October 31st or the unused benefit will be forfeited into the GH Engineering profit sharing pool for distribution to all employees.

Performance Reviews

Performance reviews will be completed twice yearly. The first review of the year will be completed by May 1st and the second will be completed by November 1st of each year.

Pay Raises

The effective date for pay raises varies and is directly related to the option period effective date of the contract to which the employee charges his/her time.

Overtime Pay

The employee is paid for any additional hours worked above the contracted hours at his/her straight hourly rate, pending approval of the customer and GH Engineering.

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Each employee must record their time daily on the GH Engineering timesheet. Time is to be recorded either at the end of the day, or the beginning of the next business day.

The employee must indicate on the time sheet the date and number of hours:

  • worked on each task;
  • any hours on overhead;
  • any other meetings as specially identified by GH Engineering;
  • paid leave taken;
  • when a paid holiday, snow day, or birthday is taken.

Time sheets must be submitted via e-mail within one business day of the end of the pay period in order for the employee to be paid for the pay period.

Facimilies and electronic submission of an e-mail are, by federal law, accepted in lieu of a handwritten signature.

In all cases, by signing your timesheet (or sending from your GH Engineering e-mail account), you attest the hours entered are accurate and understand it is a federal offense to knowingly falsify your timesheet.

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General Policies

  • As a full-time professional employee of GH Engineering, Inc., your federal employment status is EXEMPT.
  • As a professional and a representative of GH Engineering, please dress at least "business casual" at all times, including "dress down Fridays". GH Engineering defines the minimum definition of "business casual" as:
    • No denim or jean pants, jackets, or vests.
    • No spandex or shorts.
    • No moccasins, sandals or sneakers.
    • No tank tops, leggings, sweat suits, or warm-up suits.
    • No provocative or revealing clothing of any kind.
    • For men:
      • Shirts with collars and buttons are required (such as Polo shirts).
      • No t-shirts.
      • Wear socks at all times.
    • For women:
      • No halter tops.
      • Generally no t-shirts.
      • Only appropriate sandals.
  • The on-site customer has the ultimate say on rules and regulations
  • Employment is based on GH Engineering's ability to provide a contract through which the employee can charge hours and the employee's ability to maintain his/her security clearance.
  • It is the employee's responsibility to conduct his/her professional and personal life in such a manner as to not jeopardize his/her security clearance.
  • Violation of any GH Engineering policy is grounds for immediate dismissal with only compensation for any hours worked.

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